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Success stories

Some of our young people


Zamzam was one of two athletes representing her native Somalia at London 2012, competing in the Women’s 400m. She became a refugee after receiving threats to my life just because of her belief that women could and should be able to compete in sport on an equal footing with men.

She was housed in a home for homeless young people whose staff introduced her to The Running Charity. We were immediately struck by Zamzam’s passion for running. It wasn’t long before Zamzam moved away from her hostel after she found employment and moved into private rented accommodation. To continue our support The Running Charity paired Zamzam up with one of our mentors who continued our work with her.

Zamzam is a powerful and inspiring voice for women in sport and The Running Charity is proud to play a small but significant part in her story. She is now running the London Marathon in 2017 to raise funds for The Running Charity. If you want to donate to her inspiring story click here.

Gender should never be a barrier to sport and I will hold that belief with me as I run through the incredible city of London.


When Roxanne first joined The Running Charity she was separated from her children and was living in a homeless night shelter after fleeing domestic violence.

During her journey with The Running Charity she built back her motivation, self-esteem and built a close knit group of friends that helped push herself forward. With new levels of confidence and the support of her peers Roxanne found a job a progressed quickly to management.

Now living out of London and united with her children Roxanne works as medical records assistant at a private hospital.

It creates a family bond, it makes you feel like you are able to go out in the world and achieve all you’ve ever wanted.


George had lost his job and with no savings, soon found himself homeless. Having spent time rough sleeping he enrolled on our programme and discovered a real passion for running and fitness.

Seeing himself progress physically helped George improve his confidence and self-esteem. With a clearer mind-set and a steely determination George ticked off every goal that was set by our programme officer. He now has a full-time job, and is in secured private rented accommodation.

I have a passion for working out and plan to become a personal trainer.


Eskender joined The Running Charity whilst living in a night shelter. He was trying to continue his college education but found it difficult to given his circumstances. Eskender found the The Running Charity’s staff enabled him to stay on track towards his goals. Eskender is now in private rented accommodation, is in his last year of his Electrical & Electronic Engineering degree and works part time as an electrician’s assistant.

The Running Charity has made a huge improvement on my college results by boosting my confidence and introducing me to hard working people’s which has influenced me to work harder.


Romario became a member of The Running Charity after a family breakdown at home. Romario was very shy and low in confidence, our programme helped him push himself both physically and mentally.

Romario gained real transferable skills that prepared him for his future and as he grew physically so did his confidence, so much so that he is now studying performances arts and has released his own music.

I had a lot of doubts within myself and didn’t feel comfortable being around people because of my past. I thought people would be judgemental, but everyone is helpful – it helped me by giving a second chance.


Aklilu originally enrolled in our programmes having fallen out of education repeatedly. By his own admission he was lost and didn’t know what direction to take in life.

Aklilu found the support he received from The Running Charity staff enabled him to set goals that helped him succeed not just in the short term but also the long-term. He is now in full time employment, healthy and has set his targets to become a flight attendant.

Thanks to The Running Charity my confidence has soared through the roof and I am more aware about my physical and mental fitness.