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Occasionally, because of the work we do and the amazing partners we work with, we have some special visitors. Today, thanks to our partners Laureus Sport for Good, we had Professor Green and Mercedes-Benz along to visit us at one of our events at Evolve Housing, in Stockwell.

The evening started off with music and snacks, giving a chance for everyone to network with each other and to get a quick picture with Professor Green. Young people came down from their rooms, one of which was joined by her dog Ruby, to meet Professor Green and banter with him, which he was more than happy to do.

The night moved on to ice-breakers and – in true Running Charity style – this wasn’t just your normal ice breakers that you might get at your office team bonding retreat, people had to sweat a little! Split into teams lead by the programme officers: myself, Ezrin and Rachael, we competed at press ups, flipping coins into a cup, a team squat holds (loads of controversy in this one) and finally, some team charades – which I can’t get into without sounding like a bad loser!

A welcomed pizza break followed, and with everyone fully introduced through ice breakers we’re now talking about topics ranging from races that everyone is planning to run next year, to their long-term aspirations and goals.

After the pizza break we all sat down in groups for a goal setting workshop. One of the most lifechanging parts of our work, I feel, is the goal setting that we encourage our clients to do.

Whether it is fitness or general life goals, knowing how to set them appropriately can be a tool that can get our clients from the unfortunate situation they’re in, to people who are fully integrated into their community.

The evening ended with a Professor Green Q&A, where everyone had a chance to ask him about his recent documentaries and reasons behind them, to his musical inspirations. Professor Green even discussed an album that he is releasing soon and the emergence of grime in America.

Overall, the evening was a success. Our clients at Evolve, Stockwell, and the staff had fun, and the Mercedes Benz and Laureus staff engaged really well with the young people, too. Professor Green, as always, was a natural when it came to engaging with young people and we were very glad he enjoyed the evening as much as we all did.

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Hi I am Claude, I am a programme officer for The Running Charity. Having actually experienced homelessness and being part of the first ever programme run by The Running Charity I know first hand the power of running and how my work changes lives

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