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Prince Harry visits The Running Charity

Last month The Running Charity welcomed His Royal Highness Prince Harry at one of our sessions and invited him to meet some of the young people who are benefiting from our work. The team organised for him to visit one of the hostels where we run our programme with Depaul UK in Willesden, North London.

Once we had greeted The Prince, we talked in detail about the important role running and exercise can play in transforming the lives of vulnerable people. His Royal Highness then met with our members and it was great to see how open our members were when talking about their experiences of homelessness and in what ways the charity had made a positive difference in their lives.

At The Running Charity we feel it is always important that our members get the opportunity to express their journeys on their terms – un-vetted and in a way that empowers them.

But we were there for a run, so after a good amount of talking with The Prince, our programmes officer Claude thought it was about time he got the group thoroughly warmed up before throwing them onto the icy streets of Willesden. During the run, Claude, a former participant and now full-time employee of The Running Charity, had a chance to chat about his own journey and why he, himself, has found inspiration from giving back to those who are in need of our help.

Overall the day was a big success and the young people enjoyed themselves. We hope that Prince Harry got a good workout and managed to further his passion for how sports can play a role in improving people’s lives.

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I lead the rabble of passionate runners, youth workers and fitness fanatics that make up The Running Charity. So proud of the difference they make to the lives of young people who experience homelessness.

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