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The Running Charity announces partnership with ASICS

On the 4th of October 2016, The Running Charity alongside Alistair Cameron, the CEO of ASICS Europe, announced the long-term partnership between both organisations.

The partnership with ASICS, is a fantastic coup for our young charity and powers our work forward in many ways;

Through our reward scheme they are making sure that all our members can earn the best possible running equipment on the market, giving our members real tangible rewards for every success they reach and importantly giving our members the feeling that every runner or sports enthusiast gets when they lace up a new pair of trainers or put on a new jersey before a run.

They are supporting our young people into races, giving us the ability to focus our members minds on targets that would have seemed impossible just months before.

And finally, the investment ASICS has made has enabled us to employ two amazing workers.

Mark comes in as our volunteer and impact manager. He has a wealth of experience in the homeless sector as well as managing volunteers. His role will play a vital part in the charity’s expansion and help us maximise the incredible support we receive from the running and fitness community.

Lucy has been a volunteer for the charity for over two years, she has supported our work by securing vital funds and supporting our fundraising runners. Securing Lucy on a full-time basis will ensure the sustainability of our work and is key to making sure our members can rely on us for many years to come.

We had the pleasure of announcing this partnership at the ASICS store in Marble Arch London, where I had the opportunity to speak alongside Alistair Cameron, the CEO of ASICS Europe. We outlined our vision for the partnership and how we hope it enables The Running Charity to make even more of an impact to the 83,000 young people that experience homelessness every year.

Alistair spoke about how he hopes that other companies with the pedigree of ASICS will support our cause building a safer and brighter future for young people.

The Running Charity is looking to expand its reach across the UK and now thanks to the infrastructure that ASICS has provided we have the capacity to build.

If you would like to volunteer, partner or introduce your employer to The Running Charity then please do get in touch.

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