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The Running Charity at Survival of the Fittest 2015

Our members face many challenges and obstacles that can compound their homelessness. The Running Charity have had many young people talk about how our programme can help to build resilience that have enabled them to face these situations head on.

For our members, one of the key milestones in their journey towards graduating from our programme is a test of bravery and endurance – so on Saturday night, underneath the Wembley Stadium Arch, our members took on the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest challenge.

The members from our New Horizon Youth Centre programme battled freezing temperatures, icy waters, travellators and many more obstacles, that not only challenged every muscle in their body but tested our members’ mental resilience to keep trying despite the desire to give up.

Difficulties, disappointments and failures, are part and parcel of life, but for homeless young people they can often have very few support networks to turn to or the ability to brave social structures that are often unfriendly, unhelpful or hinder their chances of removing themselves from homelessness. Resilience, is therefore, an essential skill they must develop.

The Running Charity looks to equip its members with the life skills necessary to not accept a life of destitution, where so many dangers mean the average age of death for a homeless person is just 47.

At The Running Charity we celebrate the success of our members and champion their work when the odds are stacked against them. We are proud of every session that they have chosen to participate in, despite the difficult circumstances that they may be experiencing themselves.

A big thank you to Asics for the generous donation of kit, the team looks great!

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